Category: Recovery From Sexual Abuse

Having Faith in the Universal

Photo of a row of Buddhist statues in a suburb of Kyoto, Japan.

Centuries of social and environmental engineering have created confusion about what it means to be human. The idea of human nature has become distorted, if not meaningless, from being continually redefined to fit shifting ideologies and economies. Resuscitating ideas like the collective unconscious and archetypes not only supports recovery from sexual trauma, but can also …

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The Collective Unconscious

Photo of American Indian rock art.

Sexual trauma is never the victim’s fault. Nevertheless, the majority of survivors are ashamed and avoid parts of themselves that hold memories of what happened. Feelings of low self-worth lead some to self-isolate, and many never are truly open about who they are or their histories of abuse. These reactions to sexual trauma are the …

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Scapegoating as Path to Individuation

Image from CG Jung's The Red Book.

CG Jung is credited with resuscitating the journey of the wounded healer in modern western psychology.⁠1 While a psychiatrist at the Burghölzli psychiatric hospital in Zurich, Switzerland, Jung identified mythological themes in some of his patients’ hallucinations. This suggested to him that the imaginal was somehow connected with symbolism of the ancient past. Yet it …

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The Wounded Healer and the Imaginal

Photo of Buddha statue.

For thousands of years, the journey of the wounded healer has been the primary path to becoming a shaman, a person skilled at mediating connections between ordinary reality and the spiritual world. The journey begins with a life-threatening or overwhelming experience powerful enough to shatter the psyche. The resulting persecutory dreams, hallucinations, and dissociative states …

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