Shrine to the Ambivalent Goddess

A cast of Sagrado Corazón —

the fiery sacred heart of the

one who cannot be broken


Image of Dove in Flight —

she clutches the letter in her beak,

and creates PeAce

from W_R


Wooden rosary —

small enough

to hide in a fist,

powerful enough

to ward off soulless lovers


A gilded portrait of Madonna —

three halos crown her virtue

seven knives pierce her heart

— a cautionary reminder

of the torment that plagues

the selfless


Statue of the Goddess of Death —

a wanton skeleton

with dangling earrings

and flirtatious hat,

the underworld shadow

of respectable mothers,

— their daughters predestined

to bring to light


Carving of Dymptha

the patron saint of the mentally ill

and sexually abused,

she holds in one hand the chain

to the devil’s collar

while the other grips a dagger;

a bemused look on her face


Iron cast of Siddhartha

under the Bodhi tree,

enlightened by

the certitude of suffering


And sculpture of Guanyin

perched on a lotus —

goddess of forgiveness

and unconditional love,

she mercifully

lets it all



Photo of a mermaid.

© 2018 Laura K Kerr, PhD. All rights reserved (applies to writing and photography).